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It’s party season and ‘Splot’ The Penguin has been on the Egg Nog again. He’s ended up covered in paint and feeling as festive as ever for it! You can’t beat a Santa hat at this time of year and who are we to say that penguins can’t wear one. Personally we think it really suits him and he should probably wear it all year round! And as if that wasn’t enough, just to remind you of who the star of the show at The Daniel Courtney Trust is, he’s added a golden star to his hat for good measure.

There’s only one Daniel Courtney Trust Penguin and you’ll only find him on The Daniel Courtney Trust website as he has been designed by Mark Courtney specially for us.

How many of your friends would like a penguin this year?


Shipping is a flat rate of £4.99. Santa says, ‘The more you buy, the better the value!’


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