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BECOME AN ORGAN DONOR - Organ donation is the ultimate gift of life - we have seen first hand what a huge difference transplants can make. Many children and adults are currently waiting for this ultimate gift, but the sad truth is, that many of them will die before they get that chance. Last year, almost 500 people died waiting - there simply aren't enough donors. Please think about organ donation, and discuss it with your family and friends. Please click here to sign up to the organ donor register. SIgn up to the organ donor register today

GIVE BLOOD - Daniel had hundreds of life-saving blood transfusions throughout his short life. You too can be a life saver - learn more about how you can help by clicking here now..

DONATE SOME MONEY - What a great idea and it's so simple! Either donate online by clicking here or click on the 'Contact Us link at the bottom of this page and write out a cheque to The Daniel Courtney Trust. Every little helps, so don't be afraid to make it out for �1. It will make a difference to somebody!

GIFT AID YOUR DONATION - For every �1 that we are given, The Inland Revenue will give us an extra 28p. If you donate via our Virgin Money Website (Coming Soon), gift aid is automatically added to your donation once you confirm you are a UK tax payer. However, if you'd like to donate by cheque please fill in a Gift Aid Form. We are currently working on an online form, but, until then, this is a PDF version. Please just print it off, fill it in and send it to us. It won't take long to do, but will make a huge difference to the value of your donation. Thank you.

SHOP ONLINE THROUGH OUR WEBSHOP - You can buy goods from M&S, Amazon, John Lewis, Goldsmiths The Jewellers, Early Learning Centre and many more. If you buy something from one of our sponsors we will earn commission from your purchase as long as you access the store through our website! Nothing will cost you more! These are the real web shops of the real retailers. It's just a shame that more companies don't do it - watch this space! Just click here.

PENNY JAR - Isn't it annoying having all that change making a nasty bulge in your pocket or weighing down your purse? We'll, don't worry we've come up with an excellent use for it. Every day when you come home from work or shopping, put it all into a large bottle or box. After a year (or when it's full) take it to the bank (please be careful, we don't want to be the cause of any back injury) and put it into your account. Then come back to your computer and donate the full amount to us, either online or with a cheque. Oh.. and don't forget the Gift Aid!

DO A SPONSORED EVENT - Lots of people are doing sponsored events for us. From cycling and running to having all their hair chopped off. Don't worry, you don't have to go to those extremes. You can get sponsored for almost anything these days - anyone fancy a sponsored lie-in on a Sunday? Oh, and don't forget to ask your sponsors to Gift Aid their donations - - it's worth an extra 28% to your sponsorship money.

SPONSOR SOMEBODY WHO IS DOING A SPONSORED EVENT - Lots of people are doing sponsored events for us. No sponsored lie-ins, but some fabulous events none the less. Please don't forget to gift aid your sponsorship - it's worth an extra 28% to your sponsorship donation. Yes, it was worth saying twice! If you would like to sponsor (or collect sponsorship for) any of these events, please email us . Click on the Events link to find out what's going on.

RECYCLE - At the moment we are able to take empty printer and toner cartridges (including EPSON). You'll be amazed how much these things are worth. If you have any empty cartridges, please don't throw them away. Instead, click on the Contact Us link to find our address, bag 'em up and ship 'em in. We'll make good use of them.

BECOME A 'FRIEND OF DANIEL' - You can sign-up to our email newsletter (see the form at the bottom of every page) and be the first to know about what's happening with our charity. We'll send a monthly bulletin detailing special offers from our sponsors and other good things, and every quarter you'll also receive a full blown newsletter to keep you completely up to date. We'll also send you a few other goodies to keep you going for a while.

THINK OF AN IDEA - OK, we realise it's not easy coming up with ideas. But, if you do have an idea so brilliant that it can't be cooped up any longer, please email us and we'll see if we can put it into practice. Even the smallest germ of an idea can be brought to fruition, so don't be shy, click here to email us that germ.

TELL EVERYONE YOU KNOW ABOUT OUR SITE! - We know the site has reached as far as Peru, Australia, New Zealand, Norway, India, Finland, Nigeria, Russia and Israel..... which is fantastic because the more people that visit, the more we can raise awareness. Very few people have ever heard of Microvillous Atrophy... we want to change that!